Hacks in Taiwan Conference

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Wargame Rules


  • To promote the knowledge of Internet & information security and raise Taiwanese people's concerns about them. To promote the knowledge of Internet & information security and raise Taiwanese people's concerns about them.
  • To provide a legitimate network wargame venue.
  • To promote communications between Taiwanese network safety players and honor talents.


  • The game would be held within the HITCON 2011 conference.
  • Sign up through the internet, the enrollment is free!
  • Throughout the game, each player's score would be accumulated.
  • Players that rank in the first fifth would be rewarded.
  • All the prize money would be splited proportional to each winning player's score.

The total prize money is 50,000 NTD. Prize money would be splited as follows:

First Place 20,000 NTD
Second Place 12,000 NTD
Third Place 7,000 NTD
Fourth Place 4,000 NTD
Fifth Place 2,000 NTD
6-10 Place 1,000 NTD

Besides formal wargame, new game types would be avaliable and there would be additional bonus! Please come on scene and find out!


All HITCON 2011 conference participants that bought the pass are qualified to enroll in the game, but all stage hosts and staffs would not be ranked.

Date Time Schedule
2011/07/22 (Fri.) 10:00AM ~ 05:00PM Wargame
2011/07/23 (Sat.) 09:00AM ~ 03:30PM Wargame
2011/07/23 (Sat.) 03:50PM ~ 04:30PM Score Announcement and Awarding

Game Rules

Stage Attributes: (Each stage differs)

  • Repeatability: Each player or group would only score once in such stages.
  • Exclusiveness: Only individuals or one group would score.
  • Dependency: A certain stage must be solved to enter a hidden stage.

Stage Types:

  • Information Gathering
  • Web
  • Binary Processing
  • Malware Detection
  • Forensic
  • Crypto
  • Packet Analysis
  • Pwnable
  • Social Engineering (New!)
  • Mobile Phone (New!)
  • Others

Game Process

  • The Wargame server would be open to any players that are interested during the game.
  • When the game is over, players would be rewarded depending on their rank.

Determining Winners

  • Each stages hold different scores. When the time is over, players would be ranked depending on their scores.
  • In even cases, the prize goes to the first scorer.

Please pay attention:

During the game, there should not be any behaviors such as:
  • Diminishing the fairness and justice of the game
  • Jamming the network
  • Illigally intruding external network
  • Attacking other players
  • Giving out stage keys

Any participants that violate the restrictions mentioned above would be disqualified.

After the Game:
  • Winning players should give a short speech (5-10 mins)
  • and explain the approaches of intruding or decrypting that they use during the game (10-20 mins).
All Rights Reserved
  • The organizer reserves all the rights to adjust the game process or contents depending on conditions on spot.